2014 Trends in Home Design and Décor


Design trends are constantly changing in all faculties of life, but none are more personal than the design and décor of your home. 2014 sparks quite a drastic set of trends in the real estate market that will potentially define the home for many years. Think bold, think bright and think vintage.


One of the brightest trends for homes in 2014 is yellow. Yellow walls, yellow fabric and yellow art. Now, the right kind of yellow depends on the general vibrancy of the room, the natural light and the lighting within. You do not want the yellow to be too powerful and resemble a school bus, but you also do not want one that comes across as passive.

Vintage Furniture and Art

The lifespan of trends is usually about 7 years, however, one that has been away for a while is coming back strong in 2014 and that is vintage furniture and art. A vintage, elegant cabinet in an office or an armoire in a bedroom creates a stunning centerpiece in the room.

Smart Homes

In contrast to the vintage trend, smart home technology and automation is making a massive splash in home design. NEST thermostats, automated lights and integrated stands and chargers for smartphones and tablets are big business right now and both homeowners and homebuyers are seeking these modern conveniences in their home.

Male Influence

Men certainly will appreciate the gadgets of a smart home, but 2014 is also expecting more manly touches being added to the home. Men are increasingly taking an interest in design and décor online, and this will translate to the home. The living room will see a strong male influence especially – darker and boxier furniture, and more postmodern additions.

2014 home design and décor trends greatly affect the real estate market, especially if you plan on selling or buying this year. The things that buyers are looking for will increasingly shift towards these concepts over the coming months and into the future as all trends have a lifespan lasting several years.